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I have been a reader for a few years now, but I usually only come to research a specific topic, take the little piece I was looking for and incorporate it into my own build.

I have a '97 Celica with a budget SQ setup: Nexus 7 tablet -> Behinger USB/DAC -> AudioPipe 7 band EQ -> 4 Channel AudioPipe AQX-360.4 & AudioPipe AP-15001 -> Image Dynamics CTX65cs component set as my front stage and CXS65 drivers in my rear mounting locations and a Pioneer TS-W3002D4. All told I have about $800 in this build (including a new battery, the nexus 7, the sound dampening/deadening I used, but excluding anything not consumed by the car, like a hydraulic crimper and a heat gun)

I wanted to do a build log but this was a weekend project that took too long with the minimal documentation I did do.

My next setup will have completely different goals and of course be much more expensive:D, I'd like to do a proper build log for that one.

Oh I can edit links into this if people want:)
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