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Just signed up for this site to say what's up!

I've been around this sport for quite some time. Starting reading when there was "". I posted under username "kyang357". I remember all the guys there quite well. If anyone here used to post there between 1996-2000, hit me up. I remember team rocs, mmxpress, alma gates, the lizard, and JD from DEI. If you posted a lot, I will remember you.

My first system consists of:

Alpine CDA 7842
mb quart 6.5 front (don't remember models)
mb quart 6.5 rear
punch 200ix
punch 60dsm
2 12 punch dvc

I then upgraded that to:

Alpine CVA 1000 w/ disc changer
mb quart ref 6.5 components front
mb quart ref 6.5 rear
soundstream reference 500
earthquake phd2
4 12 jl audio 12w3-d4

That lasted a few years then I stopped. Sold everything on ebay and found other hobbies. Never lost my love for a nice sounding system though. When I stopped, Lanzar was bought out by Pyramid and the Lanzar owners started Kove Audio. The JL Audio 13w7 was about to hit the market and the DEI 1100D was a MONSTER of an amp!

So, what's new nowadays? Who makes good stuff and who makes junk now? Which company got bought out or went out of business? PPI, Soundstream, Phoenix Gold, Zapco...etc??

and remember, play it loud and proud (RF's motto isn't it?")! :)
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