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Hey guys.

Just thought id introduce myself.

My name is Rick, and im from New South Wales, Australia. Im a pretty active member over on our Australian Car Audio forum, Mobile Electronics Australia, with over 4,500 posts, and the 18th highest poster on the site. Yeah im a bit of a forum whore. lol.

Anyways, just turned 20 years old a couple of weeks ago, but ive been into car audio for about 4 or so years now. Starting at only ~16, i was researching, building, installing and tuning my own SQ stereo, and competing in our national SQ format over here since 2006 with pleasing results.

Just thought id sign up here and post some pics of my install, now that its in its final stages of completion. Its been through about 6 different 'phases' or 'stages' if you like, so im glad to have it almost finally finished, to get some other perspectives/opinions/comments/criticisms/etc from different people around the world.

But as always with Car Audio, the bug has bitten me again and im ready to upgrade some components :p lol

My build thread can be viewed here in its entirety, 50+ pages and over 300 pics, documenting the build of the car over about 3 or so years.

Or keep an eye out for my build thread on here, though it will be heavily abbreviated. Anywho, thanks for looking.

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