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Glad to finally be a member. Have researched and read many threads over the last year as I dove into the SQ world with my truck. I am 44 and have been into car audio for years, but in my younger days it was all about adding subs and that’s was it. Over the last few years I have really enjoyed (and frustrated) learning about DSP and upgrading my truck. Just recently finished build and still playing around with DSP, so still learning a lot from all of you.

Here is what I have:
Sound Deadened all the doors with sounds skins and same with rear panel of truck where amps and DSP is located.

3 way Focal PS 165 all active
Didn’t do anything with rear channel
Jl fix 86
Jl TWK 88
Jl xd800
SMD distribution blocks
0 gauge wire from battery
Big 3 upgrade
Jl Slash 600 running shallow mount Audiomobile 12 ( sounds great but still think JL would sound better)? Thoughts? Have to use shallow mount which I am not a fan as I am used the the power of normal heavy subs. Also, thinking of doing two verse one. But again I am more of an SQ guy now so not sure if that would make it worse. Being SQ, I definitely spend way to much time redoing the EQ’s etc. wife hates me. Lol. I also have an audio frog mic and use roomeqwozard RTA to get to target curve. Getting better each time but still learning. My question is, I wanted to keep factory as much as possible, so I modified the factory mid location in dash to fit 3” mod, and cut into the dash to put tweeter. Can always get new dash if I sell. However, the tweeter is facing the windshield. Would it be better to place tweeter in pod on dash for sound quality? I also have all the crossover within beaming so off axis should be ok, but I guess not reflections. Again, center imagine sounds good but as I sad this is never ending process and always wonder if it can be better. I think I have a sickness. Ha ha.
Thanks for all your help and glad to be a member.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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