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Guys and girls, 1st off really nice forum, amazing work, and a world of information, wish we could see more of it over this side of the world.

a bit of a newbie to the audio scence in relation to the terms of your builds but onwards and upwards

i have had a small few sub and amp packages in the past but now i have accquired a few small extras mostly Mtx and VIBE products for the new car a 1993 bmw 318is before i strart the build i will be reading this forum a lot:D

the audio scence is very limited in ireland, have a small few hardcore diy people mostly into streetbass, not going to even claim i am a audiophile or anything such, i like to lean on the volume a little on occasion, but i appericate the workmanship of the sq builds i have read here so far just wow is all i can say.

so i will go back to lurking and reading (will have a few questions soon;))
keep up the great work lads


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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