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Hello all! I just purchased a *New To Me* 2008 Honda pilot EX-SE, W/ Rear Entertainment System (RES), W/O NAV. I am super excited, with all the features and potential. Although some of the features are a bit outdated. So I'm currently in the research phase of what upgrades can be done.

I am a fairly efficient DIY'er, and love to expand my knowledge on anything I can; that said this whole Honda system BUS, is going to be a bit of a learning curve to get to know how it all works and integrates.
For a very long time I have wanted to build a Carputer (CarPC, In Vehicle Infotainment System, whatever the kids are calling it these days). I believe this may be the vehicle to try it out on. I'm thinking I want to use the Android Auto platform (maybe on top of RasberryPi?), as I use Google Assistant in the home (also working on home automation projects) and on the family's mobile devices.

There used to be forums for CarPC's that I followed eons ago, when it was in it's infancy that I have lost track of, so if you fine folks have any suggestions where I can gather the needed information, or who to follow, it would be greatly appreciated. As I am having difficulty finding anyone who has taken on this particular project.

Here are some things I have in mind:
As much voice controlled access/integration as possible (ya know, eyes on the road, safety).

Replacing the head unit with touchscreen, if possible maybe allowing the DVD (and other video formats) to play on both front and rear screen (for the passenger of course). I am not opposed to replacing the RES, if I can integrate everything and make it look nice. I will of course need Bluetooth, to stream music/video and use mobile devices to supply internet access/phone access/Navigation, and text to speach. Since it already has XM, (although I don't currently use it) I may want to keep that option availible, or able to add it later.

I'm not sure how, yet, but I would also like to keep the ability for the viewers to have headphones (probably wireless, rather than the current IR), and there own media, separate from the front of cabin.

I would like to have as much access to OBDCII info as possible.

Definitely back up camera addition (I would LOVE to be able to do 360 degree cameras, I drove a Ford Pickup with, it, and it was AWESOME!).

2-way Remote start/security system (preferably one that can climatize the vehicle, operate windows/moon roof and locks also). I do not have the master key remotes or key fobs, the seller didn't have them, only the Valet key.

I will at some point want to replace all the speakers with decent aftermarket (better) ones, while hopefully getting the best sound using the existing mounting locations with minimal modification to the interior appearance, (looking into sound dampening options for this phase). I believe, if I understand correctly this will require some amplifiers (Not one of my strongest areas of knowledge). This may require altering the vehicle power system (alternator/battery).

I am an Amature Radio enthusiast (hopefully getting licensed early 2020) and weather chaser wannabe, so tools for those hobbies will hopefully be incorporated at a later time. I'm sure I'm missing several dozen things.

Anyways, that's enough of this incredibly long winded post. Look forward to getting to know some of you awesome folks. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, advice, links, forums, or experts that would be helpful, please share!
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