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Help/Advice with Midbass Placement

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I need some help/advice with the placement of my midbass speakers. I have a 1998 Pontiac Firebird and the car has fiberglass doors. I have Dynaudio MW160 speakers for Midbass. I currently have the speakers in the doors in an enclosure that has an Aperiodic Mat on the backside. I was thinking if there was a better way to mount these speakers. I looked and there is a ton of room behind the front fenders where I could mount them in the kick...even angled some on axis, and build a sealed enclosure in all the space behind the front fenders. The good right now is where you sit in the car, the midbass in just in front of the dash unobstructed, but still really far forward from where you actually sit in that car and they fire over your legs. The good with them in the kicks is the box becomes sealed, which I know the Dyns love, and I can get it mounted more on axis. The main thing I am afraid of is that the legs and the huge dash will cause other issues and bury them if I put them in the kicks and after countless hours of work to make that happen...not really a trial and error kind of thing!
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Dyns like IB.
Where do you cross them over?
What mids (if 3 way) do you have?
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