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2005 Volvo s80
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So I have 2x SPL Dynamics md200.4 amps in the trunk, one that I have used for a year and one I just obtained used.
They are both connected with the same 20mm2 cables with 100a fuses to the same points on the batteries.
They are being fed by a helix dsp.2 that is putting out 5V max.

One amp is bridged for my 12" mids. They are nominal 8Ohm but Re is like 4,5Ohm. The amp is set to 2x600W @4Ohm with a -5dB sine wave. (About 49V)

On the other amp I have a pair of PRV d280ti drivers that are also 8Ohms. Only 2 channels driven. The channels are set to 2x100W @8ohms with a 0dB sine wave. (About 28V)
In the DSP I use 1500Hz 12dB/oct LPF for mids and HPF for tweets. The tweeters are also set to -10dB and -12dB in the DSP.
The tweeter amp HPF knob is set to about 500-1000hz.
The tweeters also have film caps in the wire that should put a first order HPF at 1500hz for extra protection.

The problem here is, that the midbass amp works wonderfully fully driven, whereas the tweeter amp shuts down after playing at max volume a couple of minutes.
The amp is not warm and it works fine again after restarting the stereo. Voltage won't go under 12.5V.

I cannot for the life of me think of a reason why it shuts down, when the exact same model driven much harder works fine?
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