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Hello everyone,

I've never built a system before and am pretty new to the technical side of car audio so I'm looking for help putting my system together. I'm building it for my 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse. The car currently has stock speakers (as far as I know) and some old Pioneer HU that has one pre-amp out and no auxiliary input. :(

Here's my plan so far:

1. Head Unit - Pioneer DEH-P7200HD (I already ordered this and it should get here tomorrow. I wanted a HU with HD radio and 3 pre-amp outs and opted for one with 4v outs. It gets pretty good reviews but let me know what you guys think. I bought it directly from Amazon so I can still return it if someone highly recommends another HU.)

2. Front Speakers - Image Dynamics CXS62 V2 6.5" 2 Ohm (I've been told you want to put more money into your fronts ideally. I'm also not sure if I should go with 2 or 4 ohm. I've read that 2 ohm is better but it depends on your HU and amp. These speakers come in 4 ohm too, and I'm open to any speaker suggestions.)

3. Rear Speakers - CDT Audio CL-69X 6 x 9" 2 Way Coaxial (I was looking at these but I'm not really sure.)

4. 4 Channel Amp - Kenwood KAC-8405 or Pioneer GM-D9500F (I basically know nothing about amps. I was just looking at these.)

5. Mono Amp - I don't really have anything in mind here yet.

5. Sub - I'm thinking a single 12" will be perfect for my car. What do you guys think?

6. Sub Enclosure - I'm open to either buying one pre-made or building my own.

7. Wiring - Any suggestions on brands or retailers?

8. Custom dash dock for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 - I'm currently working on building this and am waiting for the tablet's USB adapter to come in the mail before I finish it. The tablet will slide in in front of the HU so a double DIN HU would largely be a waste. Also, I'm using the empty DIN under the HU for the dock. Everything on this will be internalized in the dash so the tablet just docks and will be able to charge, connect to a hidden USB HDD or flash drive, and output to the car speakers. Unless I'm using the radio, any audio playback will take place on the tablet, so I'm thinking a second volume control knob mounted somewhere might be nice, but the tablet has a volume rocker on the top. Oh, and an in dash install is impossible since my dash isn't big enough to accommodate a 10" tablet and definitely not the tablet and HU.

I'm looking to build the system for around $1000 - $1200, not including anything related to the tablet dock. Again, I'm completely new to car audio, so any advice/help will be extremely useful to me. My main questions are regarding the 2 vs 4 ohm issue and the overall system component selection to make sure all the watts and everything go together well. Other than that I'd like to see what specific components you guys suggest. Any other suggestions/comments are appreciated too! Thanks for reading my post. :)

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Have you listened to any of these speakers? Do you have a local specialty car audio shop you could visit to try out listening to a few options before buying on the Internet? I think this is pretty important when investing in your first system.

Your choice in head unit should be fine.

The impedance (ohm rating) of your front speakers has little importance in your situation, and in fact you should probably go with standard 4 ohm speakers.

The Kenwood and Pioneer amps you referenced would be okay, but you won't get any glowing reviews from people on this site for those amps. Based on your budget, though, either should be a good choice. Between the two, personally I'd go with the Kenwood.

A single 12" would be a good choice. For your first system, I would probably go with a pre-fab box. Just make sure it's built to the subwoofer's specifications. You'll get pretty nice output from a sealed box on the larger side of the speaker specs. If you're looking for harder hitting bass, you may want to look into a vented box.

Wiring isn't of ciritical importance - aside from just getting decent gauge wire to support your current draw requirements. Focus more on the quality of the install than the quality of the wire.

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$1315.00 for the setup below and you'd have one sweet setup! I mean a really sweet setup. Most of us with an imagination could picture this setup filling your Eclipse with some nice SQ and some serious output to boot!

Precision Power P600.2 - 190x2 at 4ohm - $169.99 Shipped

PRECISION POWER P600.2 PPI 2-Channel Amp 600W Phantom Class D Amplifier | eBay

Precision Power P1000.1 - 580wx1 4ohm, 725wx1 2ohm, 1000wx1 1ohm. $219.99 Shipped

Take measurements and build you a simple rectangular enclosure that would fit the hatch well. Make sure to double the front baffle since the IDMax is a beast!...Should be maybe $35 in materials.

Image Dynamics iDMax12 D2 V.3 12" iDMax - $369.99 Shipped - Will recieve 1000x1 at 1ohm from the PPI P1000.1.

Image Dynamics iDMax12 D2 V.3 12" iDMax Subwoofer NEW! | eBay

Phoenix Gold Ti6 Elite Components - $385.00 Shipped

Phoenix Gold TI6Comp Elite 2-Way 6.5" Car Speaker | eBay

Streetwires 4 gauge amplifier kit (2 amp kit) - $34.99 Shipped! Best deal you'll find considering it has distribution for 2 amps.

Streetwires PSK04BM 4 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit | eBay

Brand New Streetwires PSK04BM 4 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit
•Up to 600 Watt
•18 feet of 4 Gauge Power Cable
•8 Feet of 8 Gauge Power Cable
•6 Feet of 8 Gauge Ground Cable
•16 Feet of 18 Gauge Remote Wire
•1) 4 AWS AFS Fuse Holder
•1) 100A AFS Fuse
•1) 4-8 AWG Distribution Block
•1) 4 AWG 5/16 Ring Terminal
•2) 8 AWG 3/16 Ring Terminal
•4) 8 AWG Spade Terminal
•2) 18 AWG Spade Terminal
•1) 18 AWG Red Butt Connector
•6) Black Nylon Cable Ties
•Product Condition: Brand New

Streetwires ZN7250 16' RCA Cables (2 pair) - $9.95 shipped each.

StreetWires ZN7250 16 Ft 2 Ch Interconnect Cable RCA | eBay

Older Stock Damplifier Deadener - 40 Sq.ft. Around $100 shipped

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