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Hey guys,

Things are comming together pretty quick now in my project. But i haven't ordered the big things for my system yet. I'm a bit uneasy about ordering anything big, without having you guys check it over first, and getting your opinions on my plan before i make a rash purchase.

I made a diagram of my proposed system. And the things i already own and need are color coded. I hope it's clear. Please check over things for me to make sure i'm not making a horrible mistake.

Black Labled = I currently Own
Black in Yellow = I plan to buy
Red in Yellow = future addition

Any advice would be great,

PS. Basically i currently have the Focal K2 Power, but one of my drivers rattles and sounds funny. So i plan to replace that with the Seas refrence. I also currently use a nakamichi cd400 headunit, but it doesn't offer any tunning options for using active setup... Oh yeah, this is all from my old car, this project is gonna be fresh on my new car.

And deadening related, i currently have 120 sq foot of edead/second skin damplifier. a crap load of ensolite from rick, and overkill, and a gallon of liquid stuff. So i think i'm good there.
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