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So the speakers I'm listing, I already have and can't afford to buy thing else right now. Gotta Use what I have to build this 3way front stage.

So for the front stage on building:
Highs - Dynaudio md102 (Recommended Frequency Range: 2200-30,000 , F(s): 1300)
Midbass - HAT Legatia L8v1(Frequency Range: 40-2,000hz, F(s): 40)

Midrange Options:
1. Dynaudio md140/2 (Recommended Frequency Range: 700-6,000hz, F(s): 480)
2. Boston Acoustics Pro 4.5mr (Frequency Range: 85 - ?, F(s): ?)

I do have a dsp (Audison Bit One)

Thanks in advance for you help

And I don't have anything installed in my truck let, so they are had to test.
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