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help for picking up an amp - 4 ch'

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I'm looking for an amp for my hustler ebony mid bass's and MT23 morels.
i found the next amp's , can you help me what is better ?.

Audison LRX4.300
nakamichi pa4100
sundown audio 100.4
genesis profile four
rockford t8004

how do you think?.

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I had those tweets and upgraded to the piccolos, the MT23 were very nice, it depends on yous set up, what head unit are you running? and what price range? if you are running a 2/way system the I would get two amps for the front stage, which could be cheaper but for sure more better then one amp at one wattage. for instance I run way more wattage to my drivers then I do to my highs. I run 330 watts to my drivers and 150 to my highs. Which allows the low to blend in easier and much more smoother. Remember this is how I choose to set up my system and it works great for me. My lows can keep up with clean front stage of a morel piccolo and morel CDM54 midrange.


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I was actually looking for an amp with similar specs. Looks like you have a few more than I had on my list. I might have to check those out too and see what will work best.
I think the main concerns that we need to know in order to help you out are:

1. Price range
2. Desired footprint of the amp
the amp will work on mid bass's and tweeters , on active cross.
I'm looking for an SQ amp.
the price range is about 500$, but the prices here are higher then US.

Ok, we've got the price range. Now what is the maximum size the amp can be to fit with your install? Could you fit an amp that is 16 X 9.5 X 2.4?
i don't have a problem fitting any amp.
the thing is , we don't have all the amp's here in Israel.

i put my eye on the Nakamichi pa504, looks great , what do you think?.

the amp's i thinking over them are :

Audison LRX4.300
nakamichi pa4100
sundown audio 100.4 d
genesis profile four
nakamichi pa504 by Zed audio.

what will be better for Ebony mid bass's and MT23 tweeters?.

my system (if it will help):

HU:alpine 9855
TW:morel MT23
Midbass:Ebony Hustler audio
SUB:adire shiva
mono:Eclipse xa1000

& now i have the new audison Srx4.1 on the mids and tweeters.
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Digital Designs S4

I swear by the thing. It's nice and compact... and it's POWERFUL.

200w x 2 for midbasses
100w x 2 for tweeters

It's within your pricerange as well.
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