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Hey I just want some insight on the best settings for my system. I want to adjust my equalizer on my Kendwood excelon KDC-x997 and the crossover settings. Last night I read a post on this website for the 997 DTA settings so I went and adjusted those settings and I gotta say it sounds great. Also helped me update firmware and turn off internal amp. Never been to this website before last night and I thought it was awesome so I made an account. Anyway, back to my system, here's my speakers/ sub

4 Boston spz speakers.
Boston spg sub. Got it in a boston ported box in trunk
Kenwood 997 deck
Also have a third set of tweeters in the pillars up front. Can't remember the exact model on those but they are Boston. I just remember the enhance the sound stage. Helps highs sound even better at higher volumes
Kicker ix amp for sub
Mtx audio thunder elite for speakers.

Just wanna get some tips on crossover settings on the 997 and maybe some thoughts on where my manual EQ should be set on the 997. Amp settings are fine I believe but any and all insight is welcomed. Thanks.
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