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Hey all,
Listening to music in my car for a while hurts my ears. Certain frequencies (I don't know which ones, since I don't have an analyzer) seem to resonate a lot, and it's really annoying.
I have:

94 Honda Prelude

Infinity Kappa 60.5cs component speakers in the doors, amped @ 50w each, high-passed at around 150hz I believe.

Elemental Designs eU700 6.5" woofers mounted IB in the rear deck, firing straight up at the rear windshield, low-passed at 90hz. Amped @ 70w each.

Deadening: The whole floor is deadened with mat. All three layers of both doors (inner door, outer door, door panel) have one layer of deadening. Ensolite and egg-carton foam in the doors, especially behind the speakers.

1 headache.

What can I do to shut this up? I'm not even sure it's all cabin gain, it might just be crappy frequency response from my mediocre components. But there must be some way to improve either of these things.



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I like infinity's stuff, so you probably don't need new speakers. but you do need to buy some equipment.

first, go to radio shack and buy an spl meter ($30). then get a cd with test tones on it. this will help you set your gains and make sure they are matched, as well as show you frequency response problems.

Make sure your trunk is completely sealed off from the interior (including the pass through inbetween the rear seats).

Also, make sure every thing (especially the mids) are in phase. If they are, try reversing phase on both subs.

After you check everything, look again at your frequency response. If still a problem, then make sure your mids and subs are solidly mounted and sealed to the baffle.

Hope that helps!
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