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Hi all,
Please help decide/advice

I'm looking to replace my OEM HU with a solid performer for my next mid/entry-level SQ system, i'm starting with HU & splits.
I like the Alpine CDA-98xx series, interface, filters, time corr etc..
Music: Mostly tech/house with occasional rock, i dont use CDs much as i usually play off my ipod.

Choice in Headunit
+ MP3 / IPOD support or integrated
+ BT phone support or integrated
+ very flexible audio config
o OEM steering controls (Axxess Interface if needed)
o CD/DVD player
o Imprint gear (wont bother with it for now)
- Navigation/DVD screen
- HD radios/XM/Pandora etc (located in Asia so no use)

Currently got my eye on a CDA-9887, but how are the CDE-123E / iDA-X305S? Can they match the CDA in tweaks/performance?
I'm willing to try eg. Kenwood or Pioneer again, they seem to have some nice HUs with BT & IPOD functions.

Did some research and looking at DLS MS6A's as I've heard DLS's before which i like and should be a step up from Macroms.
Alternatively PG-RSd65cs, MBQ DSH216 6.5, Focal-JM Lab 165V1 6.5 fall in the same price range but i've never heard...

Most importantly will my old amp do? Currently got an old Nakamichi PA-504 which could serve its purpose once again..
4 x 50W - 4 ohms
4 x 100W - 2 ohms
2 x 170W - 4 ohms bridged

Car: '09 Subaru Impreza STI hatchback

Old Setup: '03 GOLF GTI MK4
HU: Alpine CDA-98xx forgot model.
Amps: Genesis P4 & P1
Splits: Macrom UNS6.1
fills: Macrom UNS6.1MW
sub: Dynamic 12" SQ Comp

Thanks for reading and your feedback!
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