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Hey there guys!

It all started a few weeks ago when I decided to upgrade OEM sound system in my Porsche Cayenne. I replaced the mid woofers, added a Boston G512 sub, installed two amps - Phoenix Gold 100.4 and Rockford Fosgate (don't remember the name, but the really huge one which can handle 125x4 watts). The whole system is controlled by Alpine pxe-h650. Front is set up this way - mid bass is powered by a pair of rockford channels and low passed by h650. Tweeter and midrange are high passed by h650 as well and passively crossed over by a pair of Morel cross overs (MX33.4E). Mid range and tweeter are those which came with the car (Bose).

Now, the problem is that I almost can't hear the mid range. And the origin of the problem lies in wrong choice of passive crossovers. It high passes the midrange at 300hz which Is too low for OEM drivers, I suppose. So I have to make my mid basses play up to 3khz.

I see two solutions:

- buy a new set of mid range drivers which are small enough to replace the OEM drivers and are capable of playing from about 300 hz. A few possibilities are: dynaudio md142, hertz hl 70, scan speak d7608. Would like to hear opinions on choice of components as well.

- turn off the mid range at all, run mid woofers up to 1.5-2khz and replace the tweeter with a one that will be capable of playing all the rest, which is 1.5-2khz-20khz. This way I can cross over drivers by h650 and this way the time alignment will become more precise, as I will not have midrange and tweets paired. The questions is - are there any tweeters that are capable of doing what I want them to do? After some quick research, I found Beyma ht-45 which are supposed to produce sound all the way from 1khz.

I would appreciate any opinions and suggestions.
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