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Thanks for reading! I'm kind of new to this and would appreciate any help from experts like yourselves.

Here's what I have so far:
1. Pioneer AVH 4300DVD
2. Boston Acoustics SPZ60 component system (6.5s, baffled in front door, tweeter in dash)
3. JL Audio HD900/5 amplifier
4. WickedCAS sealed enclosure with 2 JL10w3 subs going in trunk, pass side
5. Dynamat over all doors and rear sides, will do rest soon.
6. Kicker 0 gauge amp kit, 16 ga monster speaker wire, kicker x2 RCAs

So after listening to the Zs ONLY (they are hooked up to two front channels of the 900/5, NOT bridged, getting 75W -- subs+box getting here tomorrow) here are my thoughts so far...

I was told that the Zs are "all you would need" and "you want all the sound in front of you." and while the Zs are really crisp, clean, and loud, there somehow is a "paucity" of sound in the truck. It feels like I have two really clear clock radios playing in there...haha. I don't know if the subs will fix all of this or if my system is not tuned right...but I am pretty sure I will need something else in the back as well...

I'm not a handy man or a craftsman...and dont really even install the stuff myself but I enjoy planning and picking out the stuff. WickedCAS makes rear pods that will hold a 6.5 woofer or 6 coax, and the natural choice would be to select a ?full range coax 6.5 and connect to rear channels of the 900/5?

what are your thoughts on this set up on general?
anything you would do differently?
what are some good high end (up to $400 or so) 6.5 coaxs or full range speakers out there?

Many thanks,

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