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Currently I just have your standard 4 speaker system in my car. My sister just bought a new car and gave me her amplifier and sub that her ex installed for her. I used to work with him as he owned his own custom car audio shop but I never really understood how things were hooked up. Nevertheless I'm really good at running wires and my palms are bruised from all the crimping I've done but I've spent hours trying to figure this out from the manuals and I just need some help which I believe is relatively simple. I have drawn out a diagram and if someone could copy it into mspaint and throw some wires on it that'd be great. Here are some basic questions/reasons I don't know how to figure this out:

1) I don't understand what the different channels are on the amp. I assume I need to just use one channel with for input and one for output. (I dont want to use the five pin high level inputs since I dont have the cables.

2) I here a lot on these forums that people will often run there front speakers as well as the sub off the amp. Why is this and do I have to do this or can I just leave my system mostly how it is and just power the sub off the amp.

3) The amp has terminal labeled remote between the power and ground terminal. What is this for and do I need to use it.

4) Why are the two sets of +/- connections on the sub. I'm used to just seeing one set on standard speaker. Also why is there some sort of metal bridge on the inner two sub connections.

5) What is a bridged connection and when do you use it. From what I gather it looks like you get more power that way?

I have spent a large amount of time already on this project in the hopes that someone will be willing to help me and other noobs may use this thread to help themselves as well. Thanks for any help in advance!

I am not supposed to post pictures yet but this thread would be pointless without them so in an effort to avoid the silly robot i removed the ht tp:// from the front of the links so add it back when you copy the links :p
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