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I could certainly recommend much higher quality drivers, but I'm not so sure that's the problem in this case (with the exception of the tweeter being of subpar quality as compared to larger chambered tweets, and/or more expensive ones).

Many of the problems you describe seem to be setup and tuning related issues. Although the install maybe A+, the proper use of equaliztion, crossover, and level matching is critical.

It sounds like you have a good ear, have you tried turning the tweeter level up and equalizing any problem areas?

Also, with the mid being harsh at 1-2khz, is this true with the tweeters turned off?

If you do want new drivers, maybe take a look at perhaps a pair of vifa xt19's and some Seas W18, L18, or CA18 mids. Price is about $95 for the tweeters, and $112 - $310 depending on which mids you want. You should notice some increase in bass output, and when properly utilized midrange clarity. For about $210 using the vifa xt19 and the Seas CA18 I think you would be extremely happy with the performance.
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