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Hi everyone!

My wife drives a Jeep Renegade, which has an absolutely terrible stock 6 speaker sound system. I am going to do an upgrade for her birthday and need help finding the best speakers within my budget. From what I can gather on the stock system, all power comes from the HU (not sure on wattage) and the setup is as follows:

  • (2) 3.5in dash speakers - 4ohm
  • (2) 6x9 front door speakers - 2ohm
  • (2) 6x9 rear door speakers - 2ohm
I know what you're thinking, 2ohm door speakers with 4ohm dash speakers?! That appears to be the case. I pulled the quotes below from a quite lengthy discussion on the jeep renegade forum.

JL 3.5 are in the dash and sound wonderful compared to the stock ones, and with the installed bass blockers you only hear the bright notes that once were missing...especially with the silk dome CS model.

On to the 6x9...just to confirm these run at 2 ohm meaning that you can put 4ohm speakers in the door, but they will take twice as much power to run them..meaning that an average of 40 watts to the door..means 20 watts to the 4 ohm... hence when I installed the JL 6x9...although they were clear..they were significantly quieter than the stock....

So finding 2 ohm speakers are hard to do..I choose the Reference and Kappa versions of Infinity.. Kappa being the fancier, albeit better built speaker upgrade. You can see the kappa on the left, and the silver reference on the right.

The reference was about $80 on amazon, and the Kappa $120-140 based on the day...
I have the 9 Speaker set up, and I knew that they didn't really have the clarity I wanted. But, with the 506 watt amplifier I was stoked I didn't have to run new wires and amp aftermarket.

Last night I pulled the dash speakers and they were rated at 4ohm, but when I pulled the door 6x9 it was rated at 2ohm... A little frustrating as the JL dash speakers I purchased were rated 4 ohm and will drop in, but the door speakers I bought are not rated at 4 ohm. When I plugged in the new 6x9 the clarity was much better (mainly because it is a more efficient 93 db rating) but I could tell the volume was lower.

After a lot of forum reading, some are saying its okay, some are saying to replace with 2 ohm with 2 ohm for the volume....I'm not looking for crazy loud...I just want a good sound.
Even though above they have the 9 speaker system, I think it uses the same OEM speakers as the 6.

The issue is, I can only find like 2-3 2ohm 6x9s, and they are way over my budget of $200.

I am hoping that there are some alternatives that someone can suggest on what to do with the 6x9s. Is it possible to just find a really low wattage 4ohm? I am wondering what the power of the HU is and how it supplies each of the speakers. It's the UConnect without GPS if anyone has information about it.

So, can someone please recommend:
  • How to deal with the 2ohm 6x9s
  • What speakers to get for the doors / dash for ~$200?
edit: found the part # of the HU but can't find any info or specs.
Model: Fiat 520 VP2 NAFTA SDARS
P/N: 07355981620

Thank you!
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