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Help of choosing a sub to add to my current system

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I need to update my sig so its not accurate after I got a new car.

Here is my current setup:
Pioneer avh-x4600
Infinity Kappa Five bridged (150x2 4ohm 300x1 2ohm)
Morel Tempo 6 Component on axis (I mount factory locations almost always)
AudioMobile GTS2110 S2

I am looking to replace my sub. Originally it was placed in a hatchback and all was loud and clear enough. Now its in a Nissan Sentra Type-V that is loaded with factory and other sound deadening... Not much of the bass truly makes it into the car at lower volumes... So looking for a replacement sub.

Goal is one subwoofer that will fit in current amp setup.... With this I am not expecting to be able to have a nice clean sound like I had in the hatchback.... I would prefer a cheaper sub so less then 120$

Currently thinking about a JBL GTO1514D wired 2ohm
Logic being RMS 350watts(even though I can only supply 300), . large speaker, and proper box should be loud enough without . . sounding horrible.

Haven't looked at other options yet but trying for loud enough to be heard in the car with the windows down and driving down the highway. Guessing I will need to start venturing over to ported and haven't checked to see if the JBL would work for ported yet.... had an 8inch ported JBL GTO and loved it though.

Any other advice would be appreciated. I don't want another amp because my current wiring wont support another amp and also current amp is totally hidden.... so its just like a regular car except a sub box in the trunk. My rear seats don't fold down so a box taking up 1/4 of my trunk isnt an issue... cant fit much in there to begin with...
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what about trying a different box and adding more power to the existing sub?
Current type of sub is really a sealed small box sub. And no more extra power/amps due to wiring restrictions and not wanting to add an extra amp. The amp was covered in the first post.
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Unsure what you're trying to point out except what I already read before I bought the sub. Only thing I find is this one line "Audiomobile has managed to develop a subwoofer than not only will work well in small enclosures, but by changing enclosure type, it can also be used to satisfy a wide variety of user preferences." which I have never heard of this sub going in anything but a sealed box due to why people buy this sub. I don't like the sound of bandpass (don't know how to make a decent one either) so that leaves me with ported... will have to do some math again but pretty sure ported didn't turn out so great or else I would have done it in my other car.
Then just buy the 15" JBL for $80 that will solve all your problems.:D
Still open to other ideas if anyone has any though.
you said this:

Just a follow up... yes it can go in a ported box and get a bit louder. Not as loud as the JBL in a sealed box but hard to beat free since I have the supplies.
I would also look for ways to get the currrent sound into the vehicle better. Open up the rear deck somehow, and lower the crossover slope to 12db...and raise the HP value. Switch the phase 180 degrees. Move the sub in the truck...not sure where its facing now, but most people agree it should be facing the opening of the trunk.

Also before you built a ported box, confirm that you have the ability to add a subsonic filter to the low end.
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