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Hello im new here and really need help i have two fusion sub 12 inch to wire but it's been 10 year that i didnt touch sound system and everything seems new for me since it's been so long...

i have 2 sub dual voice coil 4ohm 450w rms 900w max (model fpw-1200)

one amp american legacy bridgeable to 1200w or 600w x 2 2ohm stable ...

and a capacitor...

i try to wire the hole thing but i bust the 30amp fuse on the amp ... there something that i did wrong... this is what i did...

+ to + and - to - to the sub that i have (both of them then i link them to the same wire and bridge it to the amp ... then pass the negative of my amp to the negative of the cap then to the metal of the car and the positive of the amp to the positive of the capacitor to the + of the battery... i think that part is good it's probably my speaker wiring...

anybody can help ... ask for any question about my setup
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