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Hey guys,
Sorry I am very new to the audio game and am in the process of my audio build. This is going into a G35 coupe. The setup goes like this, jbl ms-8 with stock head unit. Up front I have focal krx2s And for rear fill I wanted to do a set of 165cvx coaxials and 690cvx's. I will also have a front center channel but have not yet decided on which one. Might try to see if I can custom fit a 6.5 coax behind defrost. I want to utilize the full logic 7 processing. Not too worried about deep bass at the moment. Might throw some tiny 8in underseat woofers later.

But as of now I do not know how many amps I need. I actually want to keep everything completely tucked away and have nothing showing for a total stealth layout. I was looking into the xd600/6 and an additional xd400/4 for all of the speakers but do you guys think the 75 watts on 4 ohms will be enough to power the speakers? I was thinking of getting 2 600/6 and bridging 2 for the krx2 mid bass. But I don't know if the rear fills will have enough power to make em sound good. They are both rated at 80 watts rms nominal. Or another possibility is to go with the xd600/6 and a hd600/4 for the midbass and rear 6x9's. But would it be a bad idea to mix two types of amps?


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