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Hello, my first post and i would like to i found alot of information in the forums.
Simple put looking at tweeters, midrange, fullrange, and midbass speaker components.
help me understand.. If I layout a 2,3,4
2 way system, woofer and tweeter.
3 way system, woofer, midrange, and tweeter (midbass)
Is there a
4 way system? woofer, midrange, tweeter, and midbass

plus a sub for "lows" or can use a sub pre-out midbass and cutoff the extreme "lows"

Alittle background for 1st post introduction. Car Audio magazine started it all for in mid 90s, loved that magazine, do they still do the system layouts?

First system consisted of had to be one of first Sony cd players and and Autotek amp to 2 Orion subs in a bandpass. Sixteen and big mirror shaken bass.

Second system consisted of eclipse head unit, 3 fosgate 25 to life amps 45/75/150. JL subs and components. Should of just bought a couple of 150.

Anyway I feel this forum has opened up a entire new outlook on mobile audio for me. Thinking past the pre packaged components. I look forward to bring some home audio quality music in my next install. Thanks to everyone, and DIYMA.

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