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Help with Alpine add-ons please!

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Hi Everyone - I'm looking for a little bit of help with Alpine's never ending list of accessories to try to get what I want in my car. Sorry that this will be a little long, but please bear with me…

Here's where I'm at now:
Source:W205, NVE-N872a (dvd navigation), H701, KCE-422i, 60GB iPod Video, iPhone 3G
Amps: PDX-4.150 and 1.1000
Speakers: Seas Lotus Reference and four JL 8IB4 (not that it matters)

What I like:
1. Navigation capabilities work great, no qualms there
2. Happy with the audio interface on the iPod and iPhone individually

What I don’t like:
1. No audio feedback from the navigation – I need a $70 module from Alpine because of the H701
2. No bluetooth connection for hands free calling, including address book access and on-screen calling
3. I get audio from the iPhone if i want, but no charging and no way to connect two iPods at the same time

So, I'd like to solve all of these issues if I can. It seems the only way to get full functionality from the iPhone (top priority) is to use the KCE-400BT. If I use this unit with the 205, I need to buy a couple of new cables as well and I won't be able to get voice features from my nav because the INT function will be used by the phone.

If I go with something like the NVE-P1 or the Blackbird II, I don't get any real compatibility with my iPhone, so that’s out.

At this stage, I’m not sure if I should nuke the headunit to gain iPod control or just keep what I have and patch it up and deal with just the one iPod connection. I’d love to have the upgraded interface that the 505 allows, but it’s not a deal breaker/maker for me. Given the economy, I’d be tempted to just keep what I have and add the KCE-400BT and necessary cables and be done with it. Then again, ditching the DVD nav, 701 (zapco dc amps or the processor would be my first choice), and basically starting from scratch isn’t out of the question either.

So what should I do? I’d like to avoid uninstalling the whole car unless I absolutely have to – I don’t have the time or inclination to really mess with it at this point. Even the most simple swap of a headunit would require me to strip the whole car…
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3. I get audio from the iPhone if i want, but no charging and no way to connect two iPods at the same time

Someone is just getting a little complain happy now 2 IPODS!! :) I don't of a single deck that could handle this.
Supposedly the W505 can...

but I did an install for a guy and it didn't work right. The ipod cable that came with the deck worked fine. But the second one that was fed from the 422i never played his ipod. It would play mine if it was already playing a song when connected, but there were no controls.

Not a fan of Alpine.
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