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Help with basic SQ system for FJ Cruiser

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I've had decent quality systems in my cars since the A/D/S powerplate amp days in the 1980's...and have used countless brands over the years (from boston, JL, Focal, to CDT) etc.

I just sold a Toyota FJ cruiser that had some JL 6.5" components in the front doors (tweeters in the A Pillar.) And 6.5" JL components in the back with a 10" w4 sub powered by alpine PDX series amps and pioneer Avic head unit.

Well..that truck in gone and I have a new FJ cruiser and I want to get a system that will give me great SQ, good imaging, and decent (but not crazy) I figured I'd reach out for advice.

Head Unit: I am going to use the new kenwood dnn991HD head unit released at CES yesterday (I need the fancy garmin navigation - long story.)

Processor I really want to dial this in and I have a friend at JBL who is hooking me up with a MS-8 for a processor. I've heard this is amazing, so this will act as my crossover also, if I go active.


Front speakers and possibly rear I really want to get great imaging and have a solid stage. I've heard amazing things about PHD speakers and their high end tweeter is supposed to be killer. I was thinking about their 2 tweeters in the A pillar and the 6.5" in the lower door. I have a friend at PHD, so I can get a good deal on these it seams to make sense for me to try them. I think I'd run them active and use the JBL as the crossover. the question is, if I can run them 3 way and add some 4" mids in:
1. upper door
2. A pillar below tweeter
3. stock dash locations pointing up

Do you think this would be a good idea....or just stick with 2 way? Cost isn't the concern. Imagining and SQ is. If you think it is a good idea, best location for the 4"

Rear speakers yes or no? since i am using the JBL, do I want them for some rear fill? Many SQ guys are telling me no, but I don't know enough to make a decision.

Sub - having a nice custom box made that will hold a single 10". probably use JL w3.

Amp I was thinking something small because I don't want to kill my storage space. Possibly alpine pdx9 or and ARC. if I do 2 way fronts only, I need 5 channels. If I go to 3 way, I will then need 2 amps. If I add rears, I will need 2 amps for sure also. Biggest concern is SQ in the front,

Sorry for the long post! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the speaker placement, amps. etc.

tony c
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i forgot to mention, i have an alpine mrx m50 mono amp that I could use for the subwoofer, which might make sense.
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