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hi gang, been out of the scene for a few years but i'm building a new project car and the fun part of selecting stereo components begin again. i haven't been following the market/trends so your help is greatly other words, help me spend my hard earned dollars please! :)

i'm looking for a set of component speaker to be installed in the front doors and 2 12" subs (possible need to go to 10" if i find depth will be an issue).

i've been a die hard dynaudio fan and am leaning towards the esotar line, but i noticed the new esotar appears to be a 3-way...what happened to the esotar 240?? no more esotar 2-way? in the last project i ran the esotec 362 3-way but I don't want the installation hassle again what else can you guys recommend?

i've been running idmax subs for a long time. leaning towards a couple of idmax 12's unless you guys can suggest another sub that hits hard and sounds good in a smallish sealed box

i need a set up that is versatile since i will be playing everything from classical to jazz to rock to pop (pretty much everything but hip-hop).

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