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Help with components

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I need some help with components. I recently purchased a 2013 RAV4 and wanted to upgrade the sound system. I installed a set of kenwood 709 components starting with my front stage. These have decent sound, but not much cleaner than the factory speakers. I then installed a clarion xc1410 amp and a set of morel Maximo's. These are very detailed and I can hear details in music that I typically can not hear. The issue I am having..... The tweeters are mounted in the factory dash locations and fire up at the windshield. There is no attenuation at the crossover and my ears are fatigued. I built an L-pad and tuned down the highs, however feel I am loosing some of the mix and the tweets are still too bright. I am considering a set of jbl p660c and attenuating the tweet at -6db. Does anyone have experience with the p660c's in a dash install? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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So I am wondering if I should look for a component set with a -3db slope or stick with the p660c that has a -6db slope for the tweeter. Does anyone have any recommendations considering these will fire at the windshield in the dash factory locations
I used to run a Honda factory HU with some amplified Polk components. I was able to tame the tweets with a combination of the HU Treble control and the -3dB switch on the Polk xover. BUT, I was never fully satisfied. Only a new headunit with EQ or a DSP is likely to fully scratch that itch in my opinion. The P660C's are excellent speakers (I run a set active now with a DEH-80PRS and love them) but -6dB may or may not satisfy you. Seems a shame to toss the Morel's on a gamble that may or may not pay off. For a lot less money, buy a pair of L-Pads from PartsExpress and experiment... partsexpress

If that doesn't satisfy, then consider a processor or new head unit. The PPI DSP88R isn't much more than you were going to spend on the P660C's
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