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Help with crossover selection

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hi, im trying to pick a passive cross over for my setup to prevent over powering my tweets.

here's what i got:

phoenix gold titanium elite ti6's "300 watt rms" 4ohm
Soundstream TWT2's 50 watt rms 4 ohm

these are currently powered by an elemental designs nine.2x
200 wrms x2 @ 4ohm

the tweeters are currently wired to the 61/2's and i dont want to keep them too much longer.

I was thinking about getting the morel accuset passives.?

What should I do?

any help would be appriciated, thanks
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so I guess thats a yes to the morel accuset crossovers.

if the rated wattage is less than what my speakers take in rms power how will it affect the sound quality?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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