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Help with subwoofer orientation in a Foxbody Mustang

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I need some help choosing a my subwoofer / amplifier orientation in my hatchback foxbody Mustang. I have a single JL Audio 10w6v3 and (3) PPI amplifiers. I want to build a new box, rather than use the JL enclosure. Ideally I'd like to keep the entire setup as low as possible, so that I might keep the retractable privacy shade. I'd also like to see all three amplifiers in a row, whether in front or on top.

I set some of equipment in the hatch to try and get a feel for placement. The third un-pictured amp is a little narrower.

To get my ideals I'd have to up-fire the sub to the rear hatch glass. I don't think this will provide the best sound.
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To get the best sound I'd have to fire the sub rearward, but the amplifiers would sit on-top of the box and be highly visible through the rear glass. I doubt I could use the privacy shade and would need to fabricate a cover. Hatch will also get 20% tint.
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Any suggestions would be appreciated and will help me decide on my box design.
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I have no input on the design, but I'd be looking to see where the bass response is best. I know, I know....boring!. But I rather have it sound good vs look good.

Imagine it looking dope, but response is only good from 30-50hz 馃

Just my 0.02 Quetzals. 馃槂
FYI: this same car once had (2) old school 10" Kicker subs in a sealed / angled box facing rearward, back in 1993-1996 time frame with I believe was 300W for the pair and it hit pretty hard from what I remember. I'm hoping (1) 10" modern sub with 400W will produce similar bass response.
I'd go with rear facing if it sounds better. What's under the carpet? Spare tire?

Is the box gonna be enough to take up the width of the trunk?
Spare tire is gone, I was planning on making a storage space under the floor in the well. The actual box part won't span hatch, but panels will look like its 42" wide. Next to the box will be compartments for wiring, fuses, second battery, etc.
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Is that the 5.0? Man I LOVE that engine. Had one in my old Lincoln LSC and I still miss it.

Edit: nevermind. You've got a roll cage and a tach, it's definitely the V8!
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How tall is too tall overall? In your picture with it facing up your box looks maybe 12鈥 max the depth of that subwoofer is probably 8-8 1/2 total then clearance under it 3/4and then the bottom of the box 3/4. I think it鈥檚 as flat and as wide as possible facing up maybe even rear ported. With the sub centered and an amp on each side
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There's only one way with a hatchback. Port low facing rearward.
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In my 86 GT fox with T-Tops, I had to do a wide/tall box to leave room for the roof glass in the rear storage area and it forced me to do a rear firing sealed enclosure placed at the front of the rear hatch area. I was using MTX Blue Thunder subwoofers and it sounded outlandishly good, I remember having to do hardly any EQing for the subwoofer stage. That being said, I feel like the fox interior is really forgiving for subwoofer placement, so I bet you could just go with what you liked better as far as appearance.
i had a few friends with fox bodies (hatch and notch) all had hard hitting systems (all the hatches hit harder than the notch). A couple had the subs aimed up at the hatch, couple facing rear, and one that had either 2 15s or 2 18s facing forward enclosure took up all the space behind the rear seats,

Have you played around with that sub in its current enclosure and positioning?
The New enclosure you plan on building, sealed or ported?

How much space is between the privacy cover and the trunk floor?

I would try sub facing rear, make the sub enclosure as short at possible and mount the amps on top side by side (will all 3 fit with wiring).
Need better pics of the car screw the stereo lol
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I had a black 87 GT with T tops and sold it to buy my first house. Had many mods with engine, driveline, and body. System was serious for those days. Had 4 12" JL W6's. Oriented 2 isobaric in the middle (barely cleared rear window when shut) and 2 on each side in the same space you are looking at with amps and sub. All were ported and firing into the rear window. This was very loud, not sure about sound quality as it was not the goal. Had Orion amps Audio Control EQ and 2 sets MB Quarts 2 ways. Pretty amazing on the output of those subs off of one 2150 amp. I wish I had pics because it was really a great install considering I was 19 when I did it.
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Thx everyone! I was planning on a sealed enclosure, however a top-firing rear-ported box sounds interesting. I'll need to do some research.

The hatch cargo space dimensions I have written down are as follows:
45" between the cage.
36" width behind the seats
30" from seats to rear of hatch
11.5" under the shade
13" back seat height
14" exposed under hatch glass

I had started a build thread at the end of 2020 that has some more pictures and it's current state as of last fall.
TomV 1989 Mustang GT Stereo Build Plan
I can't tell you how many iterations I tried in my 90 fox body hatch and the only set up that I was ever happy with was sub firing to the rear of the car. I tried sealed, ported firing up towards the glass 10's, 12's and they never delivered the deep bass that firing towards the rear did.
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