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Help with subwoofer

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Recently my subwoofer on my speaker system blew and I am looking for a replacement car audio to go with a 188 rms 8 Ohm amp (Most likely a 150 or 120rms in reality; dont know how to check with a multimeter). I found a couple of subs but I am a little confused about somethings and can use help.

Polk Audio db1040DVC 10" Dual 4-ohmVoice Coil Component Sub at

Kicker 10C108 Comp 10" 8-ohm subwoofer at

I want to get the kicker but I am worried that maybe the amp is close to 180 rms and I dont want to blow the speaker. At the same time the Polk sub is listed at 270 rms and am worried that it may not get enough power to move and maybe the 135rms per coil could burn the speaker when wired for 8 Ohm...... Some education on the subject would really be appreciative.
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You would be better off having more power than necessary. You can always turn down the gains on the amp but I don't see any need for that
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