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Looking for advice/suggestions on system design for my new car.

The Car
2013 Audi S6 with Bose factory system.
The factory speaker locations can be seen in pic below.

The Bose system has 3-way component speakers in front. Woofer & Midrange in the doors, and the tweeters are in the dash firing upward into the glass.

Equipment already owned from prior car
Audison BitOne
Audison Voce AV5.1k amp (5 channel)
Hertz Mille System MLK2 (2-way components w/ 6.5" woofer)

I want to keep the BitOne and Voce amplifier, and it would be nice to also use the Hertz Mille speakers. But I am not opposed to buying new speakers, either.

Here are a couple of scenarios which I have been considering for the speakers in front. I do not plan on doing any rear fill speakers.

1. Keep the Hertz Mille speakers and purchase the matching Hertz Mille ML700 midrange to make them a 3-way component set. I would go active XOver for the speakers, which would require another amplifier. The Audison Voce AV Due was my initial thought. So that would give me:

Voce AV5.1k
2 x 75W @ 4 ohm (Tweeters)
2 x 140W @ 4ohm (Midrange)
1 x 600W @ 4 ohm or 1 x 1000W @ 2 ohm (Subwoofer)

Voce AV Due
2 x 240W @ 4 ohm (Midbass)

2. The second thought I have been considering is horns and midbass in front. Many years ago I had a car with ImageDynamcis horns and loved them. I was thinking that my Voce AV5.1k amplifier would work well with horns. If so, then this might be a good plan and I would not need to buy another amp.

2 x 75W @ 4 ohm would become 38W @ 8 ohm for horns?
2 x 140W @ 4 ohm for midbass.
And the subwoofer channel for sub.

According to the amp specs, the 75W channels are Class A, the 140W channels are Class AB, and the sub channel is Class D. Not sure if that is important in this scenario or not but I thought I would mention.

As for subwoofer(s), I am not sure what to do. I have always used JL Audio W6 series subs in my previous cars, but I am open to trying other brands.
I would prefer to keep my Audison 5-channel amp, however. So that might limit my choices somewhat, at least if I try to maintain my fealty to JL Audio. For example, a pair of W6v3 series subs could only be run by my amp if I wired them so the amp is at 4 ohm load. It can't go 1 ohm.
Likewise, I could not do a pair of 10W7 or 12W7 subs either, because they would need an amp that does 1.5 ohms.

One thought was to do a single JL Audio 12W7 in a sealed box. I know my amp can run that sub, but I do worry if having a single subwoofer is going to leave me wanting more? That would be a 3 ohm sub, so I am guessing my amp would deliver 750-800 Watts approx.

Another thought is to abandon my loyalty to JL Audio and find some 4 ohm subwoofers and do a pair of 10" or 12" in parallel, which would let me run the amp at 2 ohms and get 1000 Watts.

Anyway, I would appreciate thoughts, comments, or suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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Have been emailing back and forth with Eric Stevens, and decided to go with the ES Audio horns. So it would appear that part of my decision is done.

Getting the Ultra model, with full size horn bodies.

Where I still need help is in selecting some midbass drivers to compliment the horns. I have not yet taken the front doors apart to see inside, but I am confident the factory speaker location is a 6.5" woofer with it's own, rather large enclosure. (See the Audi diagram above)

I am thinking there should be enough room to add an 8" woofer to the door.
Does anyone have some recommendations for 8" speakers that would work well alongside the horns I'm getting?

Another decision I need help with is subwoofer selection and box design. As mentioned, my experience has always been with JL Audio but I am willing to try other brands. In the past I have always used sealed boxes. I prefer sound quality over loudness, but I do like there to be a strong sense of impact from the bass.

Any suggestions on woofer brands, sizes, enclosure types are appreciated.
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