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I have been on this board for a while now reading and learning. I have learned alot and I thank all the DIYMA members for that.

I have the dls uriduim 6.2 front stage ran passive with a RF T4004 amp and sound crazy. HP at 80hz

I have a JL 10 w7 in a sealed box 1.3 cubic feet aimed throught a ski pass and sealed off from the trunk lp at 80 hz. Pushed by a RF T10001bd. The bass is clean but not loud as others I have heard. I also had the sub aimed down firing towards the floor and just had too much trunk rattle. With the sub aimed in the car and sealed off from the trunk I have no rattle which I love but I would like some more bass.

Can I vent that same box using external ports? I used winsd pro and the graph doesn't look bad.

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