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Help with White Noise / Static in Front Speakers with 4-channel AMP

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Ok so i had installed a cheap pair of component speakers last month with a very cheap amp. Well the tweeters had static, so i thought it was the amp or speakers. I recently purchased a set of Morel Maximo 6's and a MB Quart ONX4.80 AMP. Well guess what the static is still there. The White noise/static gets louder as it turn the head unit volume up. It always gets louder with the gain. I thought it was only the tweeters, but its also the Midbass. Even with the gain set to min is has static. Things ive tried - Purchased new RCA (4 channel RCA), Ran 4 New sets of speaker wire (POWER Wire on the other side of the car from the Speaker wire and RCA's). Disconnecting all RCA's from the amp doesn't change anything. Tried all the channels on the amp (same result). I have an AGM battery in the back where my 4ch amp and Sub amp is grounded. I Tried a very short ground wire to another ground (same result). Moved my Battery Ground. Tried moving the amp around to different spots in the trunk. Even hooking the older tweeters up in the trunk the static is there, so im sure its not the speaker wire. Tried grounding the RCA's on the Pioneer HU. Since its doing it with no RCA plugged in its something with the amp?

I just dont know what else to try. Could it be both amps are cheap? or have problems? I have been trying different things for 4 days with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It does it with BT, USB Audio, CD, Android Auto. Even tried hooking up the Passive Crossover, but still has static.

My setup 2005 Crown Victoria (Running Active)

Pioneer AVH-2330NEX (tried stock ground and harness and a new ground)

1/0 Wire Ran on the right side from AGM under the hood to AGM in the trunk

RCA's Ran on the left side with speaker wire

4 Channel ONX4.80

Soundqubed S1-1250

2x Sundown 12" LCs

UPDATE - I removed the rear battery. With nothing connected, but the amp it still has static. Is my amp bad?
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Static with the amp connected to the battery outside of the car. Is my amp bad?
I have already tried that. Static is coming from the amp. The hu just amplifies it
Correct. even with the amp on a test bench. With the amp connected directly to a battery (nothing else connected but the amp) still static and gets louder with the gain. Using android with rca adapter same result
So what that means to me is the hu is amplifying the static from the amp. I took the amp apart and no leaking caps I could say. Going to try and get another amp to test
Very strange that your amp is putting out static without the head unit connected, and the static is also there with the head unit connected and follows the volume control on the head unit. This points to both the head unit and the amp having individual issues that are causing similar artifacts. Not that this will solve your problem but you always want your amp gains set as low as possible so that the volume control on your head unit creates maximum system output (without distortion) with the volume control turned all the way up. Standard gain structure is minimum input gain (your amp) with maximum output gain (your head unit).
Yea thats how i set it. Even with it on the lowest gain it has static. And 32or34/40 volume when setting. If the amp has static the the HU will amplify it just like it does music?
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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