Every year a friend of mine lets my family use their beautiful home on the gulf coast. Each year I try to be creative with some type of gift. Historically I’ve set them up with a robust network then the following year converted the rapidly aging B&O house audio system to Sonos. Last year they purchased a wicked nice 6-seat golf cart. I’m this town golf carts are legal on the streets. This year I’d like to replace the crappy entry level deck with built in speakers.

I’m looking for some advice and possibly a mini 5-channel, speaker pods, coax, cub and simple deck recommendations. My friends are not techie people but can handle Bluetooth.
I do have a set of NOS Diamond hex components, JL 10w6, Mosconi d2 500.1, and plenty of cabling oh and deadening material if needed. Doubt it.
If you’ve made it this far thank you for your time.