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I'm looking for some advice on building the first really nice system in a car I've ever had. I understand how open ended that statement is, so much of this is subjective but here's a few things about me for context.

I've collected some decent stuff over the years, but I don't have the first hand knowledge of how to make best use of it (at least not properly in my opinion).

Too much loud music, shooting firearms and using power tools without hearing protection means I've lost a bit of hearing. I don't know how much exactly but realistically I feel like the nuances and subtleties of a REALLY nice system would be lost on me.

This is something of a bucket list thing for me so I don't mind spending $$$ when it's well spent.

I'd like to do as much of the work myself as I can because the learning and doing are most of the enjoyment for me.

I'm very willing to take advice, learning by trial and error is expensive and time consuming.

I know this "collection" is nothing to brag about, but it's what I got. Here's a fairly complete list of the equipment I currently have:

1 pair JL Audio 15W1 4ohm - need new surrounds
1 pair JL Audio 10W1 8ohm - probably could use new surrounds
1 pair JL Audio 8W0 4ohm
1 pair Eclipse 87121 dual 4ohm
1 Pioneer TS-W260 dual 4ohm - New
1 set Diamond Audio Hex S500.25 (German made) - New
1 Eclipse ECD-416
1 Eclipse ECD-415
1 Eclipse ECD-413
1 Eclipse 5331
1 Zapco Z100C2
2 Zapco Z100S1VX
1 PPI 2300AM
1 PPI 2150AM
1 PPI 4100AM
1 Clarion XH7110 - New
1 Audio Control 3XS
1 Audio Control 24XS
1 Audio Control EQL Series II

I'm looking for is advice on what I'm missing to build up a 90's "period correct" system in a 90's vehicle. I have always wanted to do this in a Jaguar XJ6 for some reason, though I've never owned one. And my truck was stolen out of my driveway Sunday night, so not entirely sure if/when I'll get one now.

Would a 3-way system would be a lot better than using those DA Hex 2-ways? Or is there a 6.5" or 8" that would match well so I could still use them? If I was going to use all Zapco amps I'd need to pick up at least one more amp, or should I just use the PPI amps? They're great, but they do take up a lot of space. I'd planned to use the Eclipse 416, unless there's a reason not to. What rear speakers would work well with the diamond audio speakers?

Sorry for the annoyingly long post, I'm very bad about writing too much. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated!
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