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Hey, everybody. Really, I'm just wondering if putting tweeters in the rear deck will shift the sound-stage awkwardly. I've been searching around and it seems like a lot of people prefer to keep their rear deck empty, or just use a midrange rather than a coax or tweeter. However, i definitely want rear speakers in my car because i think it would be awkward to adjust to their absence. So, would it be better to put a hertz HCX 690 3 way coaxial, or a pair of the lone ML-1600.2 midranges in the rear deck?

Money is no object, my setup will be a pioneer DEH-80prs hu, JL hd 900/5 amp, Morel hybrid ovation ii 6 component set in the front, and a JBL w15Gti mkii sub.
I'll most likely be setting the high-pass filter on whatever goes in the rear deck relatively low, around 50Hz probably...

My main concern is that a lot of people say having tweeters in the rear deck will really screw up the sound-stage, which i definitely want to avoid, but since i often have passengers in my back seat, i do not want the sound of the system to be "blurry" or "muddy" to them due to the lack of a tweeter in their close proximity..

Any input is appreciated, thanks much in advance.
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