Got some New and Used Hertz equipmeny dor sale. Pair of ML 1800.3’s for sale.These woofers are 7” and produce the best mid-bass in my opinion. Also got a pair of Crossovers that came from the Hertz Hsk Xl line. I got a brand new pair of Ml 700.3 midrange speakers and ML 280.3 tweeters that can come with some speaker pods i had custom made for an extra fee of course. Lastly i got a Audison DRC MP that is used for a sound proccesor. These are some of the best audio equipment on the Market for sure.

Ml 1800’s - $550 Shipped
Ml 700.3’s - $325 Shipped
Ml 700.3’s w/ Pods- $410 shipped
Ml 280.3’s- $275 Shipped
Ml 280.3’s w/ Pods- $360 Shipped
Hertz 2W.XL Crossovers- $100 Shipped
Audison DRC Mp- $ 110 Shipped