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Deciding between these 2 models by Hertz since eliminating Focal due to the tweeters. Would like to purchase the MLK 1650.3 yet only at the price I've seen them for across Europe, particularly Italy & Germany, but having difficulty with communication on shipments to the U.S. the ML 165 is one of the best woofer designs I've ever seen.
Know the HSK is a stronger driver, yet I prefer the design on the ESK. Feel the shape of the woofer would project music better in smaller spaces. Are the only differences between the ESK 165L.5 & HSK that the latter has a 5mm longer voice coil, different material for the woofer, and starts the frequency range 10 Hz earlier at 40 opposed to the 50 on the L.5?

if any of you have ordered from Italy or Germany before I'd appreciate your advice. Would much rather get the impressive MLK 1650.3 for under $600 as you can on various locations across Europe, yet won't spend the $1k + in the few places I've seen it here in the states.

Only recently learned of Hertz due to not upgrading my car audio for a few years and always using the same 3-4 sites to order from. Strange how hard it is to find such a high quality product like hertz on hardly any websites
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