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My question are mainly of quality and where this amp is manufactured.

Also, does anyone have any feedback or reviews of the HCP amp line? I haven't been able to find much about them.

I am used to USA made, old school quality amps, so I don't know about these new-fangled kinds.

What do Y'all think about these?

I would probably use it as a tweeter amp or a midrange component amp, but, I am trying to go three way active with a pioneer deh-80PRS.

I had US AMPS AXTU tube amp on my last setup, but they were Morel Tempos run passive crossover and a single Morel 12 Primo on a US AMPS AX DE amp.

It was one of the sweetest sounding systems I have ever heard, with the tube amp giving so much life to the mix no doubt.
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