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Hi guys I have recently purchased a new hertz MP 300 dual voice coil 4+4 . I had an older version and it died was over 6 years old. It was installed an entry level sealed box at around 28 litres. We fitted the sub to that old box and it sounds ok at low to mid-levels but when you turn it up it kind of sounds distorted when your down the back of the wagon with the doors open, its actually lowder at lower volume it sounds fine when you’re in the driver’s seat tho, I’m wondering if the enclosure is too small I have added a lot of poly fill to try and make it hit lower?

Could someone modle the specs below and tell me the best enclosue size?

Amp is an alpine MRX M50 rated at 500 watts RMS when wired in parallel

Car is a Nissan Patrol wagon


Size mm (in.)300 (12)
Power Handling - Peak W1200
Power Handling - Continuous W600
Sensitivity dB SPL86
Voice coil Ø mm (in.)65 (2,5)
Xmax mm17
X-mech mm (in.)±27 (1.06)
Re1,9 (coils in PARALLEL)
Fs Hz24
Vas l74
Spl dB86
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