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I'm about to buy a used pair of Morel Supremo 602's on ebay with the crossovers and piccolo tweeters. but there's one thing bothering me though it may be nothing. I've noticed on all pictures I see on google images, the Morel supremo 602''s have a checkered pattern on the woofer. These don't have that. I was hoping maybe it's a older model or maybe after being played so long the checkering faded or something. Just the worst case scenario I was thinking he could have taken the sticker off a supremo and stuck it on another cheaper model of Morel speaker. After searching google images of morel speakers most of them look extremely alike, some exactly. I even counted the pattern of circle to square around the rim and that's even the same across different models, so that's no help in identifying. I mean other than the sticker and the checkered pattern, it could be anyone of them.

The big question, could that checkered pattern fade away after being used for a long time and end up looking like it does?

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Here is what they all look like online. Notice the checkered pattern

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Here below is Morel elate Titanium below. Now this looks EXACTLY like the used one that he is trying to sell me, with the Supremo sticker on the side. "no checkering, flat black woofer"


This is the side of the used morel "supremo" 602 woofer I'm looking at. Though of course a few other models look exactly like this


The cost is $2,000 used.. which is a great deal for a set that goes for $4,500 new cheapest.. all this is of coursed based on the fact that
there is no checking and that's it. Which wouldn't be a problem if all their woofers didn't look exactly the same.

I'd like any advice on this, Thanks..
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