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Hi from MN

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Hi all,

Wandered across here while searching for info on mobile audio tuning and info on the Alpine Imprint system I just ordered.

Read a few threads and was quite impressed at some of the knowledge here, so I signed up.

I've been an audio enthusiast since I was a teenager and always found I put more into car audio than home audio. Never really taken the time to research it seriously until now, though.

Currently a drive a 2001 Subaru Impreza with a stereo that I'm quite disappointed in.

I run all Alpine Type-R speakers. 6 & 1/2" components in front, 6 & 1/2" coaxials in back, and two 12" 4ohm dvc subs in separate 1 cube sealed chambers. PDX-4.150 & RF T1500-1bd. Lots of B-Quiet Ultimate in doors & trunk - floor & roof and everything else getting done this summer. HU was a Pioneer 4900, is a Pioneer 7000BT, will be an Alpine iDA-x305+Imprint+tuning kit tomorrow. :)

My staging is atrocious. Mids sounds awfully distorted. Highs are very tinny. Subs, while accurate and controlled sounding, are extremely disappointing in output.

I'm hoping the Imprint can help me fix some of that, but I'm guessing it will fall short.

As an avid geek (programmer by trade) and passionate DIY'er, I see lots of really exciting ideas for custom setups here.

I will be spending obscene amounts of time here reading, I think. And then, maybe, asking a couple questions. ;)
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Feel free to pm me if you want to get together locally to do fine tuning or bounce ideas off one another.

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