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Can you please help me out with this set-up.

I have:

DC ref 1000.4
c2k 6.0 30th anniversary

front speakers 150w rms x 2 + tweets 150w rms x 2 (Morel Ovation Hybrid 2)
2 subs around 700w - 800w rms each (2 x ID idmax12 v3 D2) - around 800w - 850w max is what's really recommended online? and not 1000w, i would be happy with about 700w - 750w for now

I was thinking:

6.0 for the speakers and use passive crossovers for the tweets.

dc1000.4 for the subs, but that's only 2 x 500w @ 4ohms each bridged.

is it safe to run this amp @ 2 ohms? if so how much rms am I looking at?

I have read that you guys really under rate the power in the amps, do you think I could safely get 700w @ 4ohms from this amp without distortion?

open to ideas

also i have a alpine 9856 think that is good enough for this set-up? or should I get something with 24bit?
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