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I added an Alpine PXE-H660 to my system and it is working quite well for staging and to eliminate unwanted resonance.

However, because I have decided to use the HU volume control, the PXE outputs a slight hiss even when the HU is output nothing (even when RCAs disconnected). This is otherwise a very clean system.

If I use the PXE volume control, this is not an issue, but it is inconvenient to use a remote control for volume.

Thus, I need a hiss eliminator circuit after the PXE, something that does not alter tone while playing. I have used HUSH single and double noise elimination in Pro Audio rigs, is there something similar for 12v market?

HUSH is generally tunable, with a threshold above which no noise reduction is applied, but when volume is lower, you can set a high end roll off to mask any hiss. Kinda like a smart gate.

Need something similar for several channels of car audio.
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