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Built this from scratch awhile ago and just looking for some opinions. It has a dual spider suspension, of which I built both by machining dies to form them. I machined the voice coil out of titanium which is in a machined piece of Delrin (Acetal Resin). I also machined the whole body/basket out of aluminum. Lastly, I machined the motor structure out of low-carbon steel. All of this machining was performed using manual machinery.

Specs: 3" mid-range/tweeter, about 1/2 ohm (this was done by accident since the wire wasn't properly measured before it was wrapped). Unfortunately due to the low impedance I haven't had a chance to play this often, but it does function according to the tests I performed after building it.

Any feedback you guys have would be great. Thanks!


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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