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I have a 93 Honda del sol si

I already have these

Kicker ZX700.5 (10ZX700.5) 5-Channel Amplifier Car Amp
Pioneer MVH-P7300 Digital Media Receivers (Mech-Less) at

I want to get these
Pioneer TS-D1720C (tsd1720c) 6-3/4" (Oversized 6-1/2") 2-way D-
Pioneer TS-SW2501S2 (TSSW2501S2) 10" Shallow-Mount Subwoofer
RAAMmat BXT II, 37.5 sq ft - RAAMaudio Inc.

I am getting the component pioneers for the front but I am wondering about the quality difference between the coax and comps as I would rather put coax in the rear because they would already be 2" away from your head and would save $40- $50. I might also be able to fit the 6x8s in.
The same for the shallow Pioneer sub. I want to throw a sub behind the seats and because of the limited space I need a shallow mount and figured with all the other pioneer stuff, may as well go with pioneer, plus .35-.7 cubic feet sealed. Any other recommendations for a shallow mount sub that would fit the amp, keeping in mind that I am poor.:laugh:

This will be my first full system and I am curious about capacitors. I don't want my headlights dimming. Should I get a bigger battery, a capacitor or something else?
Also speaker baffles? Any good?
With the head unit hooked to an amp, can the regular channels still be used for perhaps a 4" or something?
Having such a tiny car, any estimates on the ammount of RAAMaudio BXT II it would take to do the FULL car.


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