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Hey. I just bought a car and want to spend some money on the system, but don't have much knowledge on what I will need and which brands are good. Basically want either a 15" or 12" subwoofer in the trunk with a decent amp. Budget is around 200-350 give or take a little. Willing to buy used so name quality older models if u know some.

Current setup on the car is
Alpine alpine Cda 9833 (still figuring out what settings work best)
Infinity speakers in the front and back. the two in the back are infinity 6x9 9603i 3way
Unknown tweeters.

But the alpine headunit is messing up... it turns off when playing cds at too high of a volume. It used to do it with the radio too, but I put some electric tape around cut wires on the battery and that seems to have fixed it.
Car already has some wires to plug in amp/sub, but I'm not sure if everything is there.

Pictures to show the wires!

Thank you for the time and advice.
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