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Lower fairing speakers are a great way to dramatically increase the amount of sound that you can clearly hear at highway speeds.

By adding lowers you effectively double the cone area that is pointed at your face. Of course if you ride a Road King, this is the only way that you are going to get any good sound on the highway.
The Parts

There are several aftermarket speaker pods available for lower fairings. Harley Davidson makes a set that is reasonably priced that fits Harley vented lower fairings. If you go to your local dealership and ask for the parts without having the part numbers, you will likely encounter some resistance or be told that you must purchase the speakers as well. You only need the two pods and two grills (maybe not the grills, see below).

The Harley part numbers are...

Left side speaker pod: 57410-11
Right side speaker pod: 57419-11
Speaker grill (single): 76000065
Note: These parts are for '13 and down.

These pods replace the factory glove boxes and are black unpainted plastic.
A simple but effective way of dealing with the unpainted pod is to spray paint it with SEMs brand satin black. This paint is especially friendly to work with and leaves a finish that matches the factory main inner fairing. The pods in the picture above where painted this way. The SEMs brand paint is available at most any auto parts store in rattle can form for about $13. This works out well if you have a dark colored bike, but might not be the answer if you have a colorful paint scheme.

The Trick

Getting the most out of your lower fairing speakers will require a speaker that performs well in a small sealed enclosure, enough power, and a bit of silicone. I personally prefer to drill new holes for the speaker wire. The speaker wire holes that are already in the Harley speaker pods lead strait down to the vented section of the lower. I drill a new hole that leads to the clamp area of the crash bar instead. Then I tether the speaker wire to the inside of the pod with a "P clip". It is critical to thoroughly seal the speaker pod. Use silicone to fill the original speaker wire hole, and the new wire hole. Then I gasket the speaker before mounting it.

The Grill

One of my favorite speakers to use in lowers is the Focal PC165. This speaker is a proven performer with a punchy low end. The grill that comes with this speaker is almost a perfect fit. It is just a hair too large, but if you cut two slits in the bottom of the grill with tin snips, it will push right in. The trick is to use only a small amount of silicone. It doesn't take much to do the job.
The problem with this grill is that it does not have fastener holes like the Harley grills do. The benefit of these grills is that they do not have a big Harley logo blocking the tweeter in the center of the grill.
To fasten the grill to the pod I use four small dabs of silicone and them press the grill in place.
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