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Re: READ THIS THREAD for the answers to (practically) all your questions

I am slowing redoing my starter system, and this will be my permanent system.

My cars volts run @ 13.7 volts with my stereos loads on.

But I want new amps. My old ones aren't mono blocks, they are A/B amps (Power acoustik ov2-2200). So I've been told there efficiency is around 40% so they only put out about 350 watts. I bought the amps when I was 16 and new nothing. But I will say. My friend has an MTX sound system and I don't notice the sound quality difference. My parents house system is a harmonics receiver and all polk audio speakers and I still don't notice a sound difference. I AM NOT AN AUDIOPHILE. I DO NOT HEAR SOUND QUALITY DIFFERENCES. TRUST ME. I have tried expensive $300 headphones also and 1400kbps music and I still didn't notice the difference.

I just need a practical amp. To power my JL 12W7 (only payed $300) that I bought used, and as I save up I will get another one used.

I have narrowed it down to these amplifiers ( I need 2) I want to spend as little as possible and keep in mind that my cars volts never go above 14v and run around 13.5-13.7 and I do not hear sound quality difference.

My budget limit is $640. I dont want to spend more than $640 for both amps. And realistically I would rather spend less. I just need 750 watts @ 3ohms @ 13.5v lets say to be safe.

Power Acoustik Bamf 5500/1D (I figured with its ratings being set @ 14.4 volts and even if they are lying by 500 watts, this amp should power my 12W7 great.) (Comes with a 2 year warranty and is $250)

Power Acoustik Demon 6000/1D (same thing. even if they are lying. I am good. $280)

Hifonics HFI2500 ($280)

Soundstream RUB1.2500d ($310-320)

Tarantula tx1.2000d ($283)

Picasso ($245-260)

which one is the best for me? 750 watts @ 3ohms @ 13.5volts

If you have a better suggestion. Let me know.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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